Gjesteheim Havdal

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Last update 31-12-2012
Welcome at Gjesteheim Havdal
Gjesteheim Havdal is a fine place for families with children, hikers and fishers in a beautiful nature and a great starting point for walking, fishing and other activities.
Ramsfjella also known as ¨Childerens nature world¨ has a variety of vegetation and is attractive till berry gathering in the autumn. Great walking aera for the whole family.
Birds- and animals life is very varied with moose, lynx, deer and birds of prey in the area.

The area is also used for grazing of sheep’s, cows and reindeer

There are many good fishing options, both for fly and bait.
The road to the river (Orkla) is not very far, you can go to the fishing spots in the Orkla, all within a convenient distance. (about. 10 to 20 minutes by car) or fishing in the moutains.

In the winter there is good skiing nearby.
Alpine skiing in Oppdal and Nerskogen at 20 and 40 minutes drive.

 'Active' Holidays for mentally handicapped people.